How to Apply

Proposals for the next grant cycle will be due (postmarked by) June 30, 2016. Guidelines and application documents from the previous cycle are available to download at the bottom of this page. Documents for the 2016 cycle are available below.

Fund for Idaho is a grant-making foundation dedicated to building a civil, just, and sustainable Idaho. We pool resources from forward thinking individuals and businesses to support community-led efforts for human rights and environmental justice, support the training and leadership development necessary to strengthen this work, and cultivate the conditions that make lasting, long-term change possible. Fund for Idaho grantmaking decisions are made by a committee that includes both activists and philanthropists. We do this so we can rely on the wisdom and experience of both the donor community AND those engaged in the on-the-ground work to direct our grants to organizations addressing root causes of problems.

Grantmaking Goals

Grant applications are be evaluated based on how well they address each of the Fund’s grantmaking goals:

    • Supporting community-based and/or grassroots activists /advocates working to address root causes of social or environmental ills through systemic or policy change.
    • Actively engaging those affected by a problem in the process of identifying and pursuing solutions.
    • Providing forums for creative collaboration and capacity building between groups, leaders and community members.

Giving Priorities

Fund for Idaho supports strategic issue and policy change work by organizations working in the following areas:

    • Human Rights: Empowering marginalized communities, including women, LGBTQ, immigrants, those with disabilities, those with mental illness, and rural communities; and working for economic fairness, including food security, health care access, and access to shelter.
    • Environmental Integrity: Protecting land & people from contamination, fostering informed consumer choices, and promoting renewable energy development.

Grant Funds

We now make grants from three distinct grant funds:

    • Startup Fund – Supports groups 3 years old or less to organize on a specific giving priorities for up to one year. Grants up to $2,000.
    • Grassroots Organizing Fund – Funds issue organizing projects on a specific giving priority for a one year period. Grants up to $3,000.
    • Anchor Fund – Provides general support to build organizing capacity and organizational stability, renewable for a second year. Grants up to $5,000.


An organization must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for a grant from Fund for Idaho:

    • Be based in Idaho
    • Have its own IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status (may be fiscally sponsored)
    • Have an annual operating budget UNDER $300,000 (fiscal agent’s budget may exceed $300,000)


Fund for Idaho will NOT fund:

    • Grants over $5,000
    • Organizations with annual operating budgets OVER $300,000
    • Social service projects or service delivery without a policy change or issue organizing component
      Federal, state, or local government entities
    • Organizations based outside of Idaho
    • Grants to Individuals
    • Capital Campaigns (building construction or renovation)
    • Scholarships to colleges or universities
    • Organizations that practice or promote partisan or legally defined discriminatory policies relating to race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age or ability.

Grant Application Documents

NOTE: All new applicants MUST have a conversation with us BEFORE submitting an application!

    • 2016 Grant Guidelines: [PDF]
    • 2016 Grant Cover Sheet: [DOC] [PDF]
    • 2016 Grant Application Format: [DOC] [PDF]
    • 2016 Grant Budget Format: [PDF] [XLS]
    • 2015 Grant Report Form: [DOC] [PDF]