2006 Grantees

The Foundation for Human Rights Action and Advocacy – Expand Conflict Resolution Task Force Project – $2,140

Mission: To improve and enhance the quality of human rights education in Bonner County.
Funding: To expand a successful conflict resolution program to include two additional high schools, increasing tolerance and positive human relations among students in conflict.

Blaine County Hunger Coalition – 3-part Summit Project – $2,500

Mission: To manage a coordinated effort to end hunger in Blaine county by acquiring and distributing food through a network of social service agencies, grocery stores, restaurants, businesses, and volunteers working to supply healthful food to those in need. To improve the lives of those in need by helping them transition from dependency to self sufficiency through self-development by connecting them with the food they need and the services available locally to help them achieve long-term economic security. To address the structural causes of hunger through community awareness, advocacy and policy change.
Funding: Support in organizing and hosting a three part “Summit on Hunger and Poverty in Blaine County: Building a Coordinated Community Response.”

Media in the Public Interest – General Support – $2,500

Mission: Develop the media literacy of non-profit organizations through ongoing training programs, develop strategic communications and collaborative core messaging through regular opportunities for nonprofit organizations to share in media outreach, and launching new media projects for communities and to assist journalists in their efforts to cover public interest issues.
Funding: Significantly increase the media coverage of issues orphaned by the mainstream media, and increase the participation of activists and nonprofit organizations as spokespeople for arts and culture reporting, voices of faith on all issues, reproductive rights, and women and immigrant’s issues.

Mujeres Unidas de Idaho – General Support – $2,500

Mission: To bring Latinas in Idaho together to examine and take action on issues affecting their communities; to develop new Latina leaders who take an active role in society so that all Latinas are equally valued, participate in all areas of society and have access to fulfill their personal and professional dreams.
Funding: Pay MUI’s membership fees in socially progressive organizations (Idaho Hispanic Caucus, Tribal Latino Caucus, Idaho Women’s Network, Idaho Community Action Network) and send six MUI representatives to CSTI Leadership Development training.

Interfaith Alliance of Idaho – General Support – $2,500

Mission: A non-partisan, interfaith organization committed to promoting the positive role of religion as a healing and constructive force in public life; challenging those who manipulate and distort religion to advance an extreme political agenda; and building a revitalized mainstream religious movement based upon active civic participation. The Interfaith Alliance works to safeguard religious liberties ensure civil rights of all Americans, strengthen the public education system, eradicate poverty, champion a safe and clean environment and restore good government.
Funding: General support for Building Beloved Community; human rights organizing to build from the grassroots, interfaith communities in Idaho working to increase civic participation and create public policy that is socially, economically and environmentally just.

Idaho Hispanic Caucus Institute for Research and Education – General Support – $2,500

Mission: To promote the social welfare of the Latino community through research and education of social justice issues that affects the social well being of Idaho’s Latinos.
Funding: To promote the political empowerment of Idaho Latinos, to provide leadership, advocacy, communication, and coordination to achieve social justice and equality in Idaho, and to maximize the voting strength of Latinos in five legislative districts where the combined Native Americans and Latinos population is 20% or more.

Idaho Community Action Network – Idaho DREAM in Motion, DREAM in Action Project – $2,500

Mission: To provide a voice for Idahoans committed to progressive social change and to develop the power necessary to create those changes.
Funding: Support for communication among DREAM in Action coordinating team, a summer stipend for college interns working to coordinate the project, production of training materials and supporting resources for six leadership teams around the state.

Children’s Dance Foundation – Cultural Respect Project – $2,500

Mission: A charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of children ages 3-12, providing financial assistance for children in CDI programs, promoting diversity and inclusiveness among children as they communicate and interact with other children of different social, racial and economic lifestyles.
Funding: To teach five workshops to low income or at risk preschool and kindergarten class groups, with each group receiving a series of four weekly classes designed to present and develop cultural appreciation and respect through music and dance.

Finding the Center Conference Executive Planning Group – Professional Conference Project – $2,500

Mission: This group exists to organize and present an annual regional human rights conference for local elected officials, community activists, educators, students and citizens concerned about creating and sustaining communities of openness and inclusion. This conference also presents an annual opportunity for these leaders to strategize about progress for human rights in their communities.
Funding: To meet the costs associated with Speakers, facilities and printing costs for conference materials.

Idaho Energy Education Project – Energy Consumption Awareness Project – $2,500

Mission: To get the public to “think clearly and coherently” about the energy issue, and “to take responsibility” for their consumption of energy and the impacts of its production.
Funding: Showing the film End of Suburbia throughout the state to raise awareness about energy consumption in consumers.