2007 Grantees

Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS) – $2,500

Mission: Boise Urban Garden School uses organic gardening to engage students, teachers and community members in issues of ecology, local food economies, sustainability, nutrition, health and environmental literacy.
Funding: To send two BUGS directors to the Center for Ecoliteracy’s “Rethinking School Lunch” workshop to gain information on how schools in other areas are integrating garden-based learning into their curricula, introducing locally grown food into school lunches and re-connecting young people to the land. The directors will bring this information back to Boise, share it and use it to impact school lunch programs in the Treasure Valley and beyond.

Common Ground Conciliation Services – $2,500

Mission: To assist nonprofit, community, governmental and faith based organizations experiencing conflict by providing conflict resolutions services, preventive education in conflict management, and meeting facilitation in order to help these organizations achieve their objectives, which are so critical to enhancing the health, conscience, and spirit of our rapidly changing community.
Funding: Partners for Lasting Solutions increases the ability of leaders within their Faith Community Strategic Partners to attend and respond to the needs of all stakeholders. In 2007, the project will hold two targeted 2-day workshops to prepare leaders to respond to potential threats of anxiety within their faith communities in ways that prevent destructive conflict and keep each community focused on its unique mission and purpose. The trainings will help the diverse faith community find common ground while working together to address their shared needs.

Finding the Center Planning Group – $2,500

Mission: This group exists to organize and present an annual regional human rights conference speaking to local elected officials, community activists, educators, students, and citizens concerned about creating and sustaining communities of openness and inclusion. This conference will also present an annual opportunity for these leaders to strategize about progress for human rights in their own communities.
Funding: To meet the costs associated with Speakers, facilities and printing costs for conference materials.

Idaho Community Action Network – $2,500

Mission: To build a statewide, grassroots organization of low-income Idahoans, democratically directed by low-income leaders, so that they have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. ICAN uses direct action, civic participation and grassroots lobbying impact the decision-making processes of powerful public and private bodies. Through consciousness raising work in local communities, ICAN builds unity among those facing poverty, racism, and unemployment and together they take on the fight for food security, immigrant justice, income security, and health care access.
Funding: Support continuation of the DREAM in Action project, which has grown dramatically in the last two years. This year it will focus on supporting youth leadership teams across Idaho and coordinating campus/community campaigns in support of the DREAM act, an in-state tuition bill in Idaho, and comprehensive immigration reform.

Idaho Energy Education Project – $2,500

Mission: To get the public to “think clearly and coherently” about the energy issue, and “to take responsibility” for their consumption of energy and the impacts of its production.
Funding: To continue to bring the discussion of the impacts of both energy production and consumption to Idahoans and provide leadership in that discussion.

Idaho Hispanic Caucus Institute for Research & Education (IHCIRE) – $2,500

Mission: To promote the social welfare of the Latino community through research and education of social justice issues that affects the social well being of Idaho’s Latinos.
Funding: To maintain our capacity to address issues (such as an Office of Multicultural Health, immigration, education, and minimum wage) and to conduct electoral organizing around the School Board and Municipal elections in 2007.

Idaho Peace Coalition: Project Support for the Jane Zalbin event – $2,000

Mission: This community of caring people is dedicated to compassionate and nonviolent action. They work for peace and justice through education, advocacy, and personal responsibility.
Funding: To build, support and inspire the Idaho Peace Coalition community by bringing renowned author Jane Zalben to Idaho to bring together a diverse group of people with the common ground of curiosity and respect for artful talent and knowledge. FFI funding will help cover the stipend, travel, and hosting costs of bringing in Jane Zalben.

Idaho Women’s Network – $2,500

Mission: Idaho Women’s Network unites the voices and interests of Idaho women, families, and communities. Through community organizing, advocacy, and education, they strive to strengthen democracy and promote human rights.
Funding: To fund Idaho Women Network’s program work of education and grassroots organizing in 2007.

The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho: General Support – $2,500

Mission: The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho (TIA Idaho) offers a mainstream, faith-based agenda committed to the pursuit of individual dignity and the importance of community. We promote the positive and healing role of religion in public life through encouraging civic participation, facilitating inclusive community activism, and challenging religious political extremism.
Funding: To support Democracy Circles: Building Beloved Community, our grassroots organizing program to increase membership in The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho and build a broader base of informed, civically active people of faith and good will state-wide in Idaho.

Mujeres Unidas de Idaho – $2,500

Mission: To bring Latinas in Idaho together to examine and take action on issues affecting their communities; to develop new Latina leaders in our communities so that each new leader takes an active role in society; and to value the power of every woman because we believe that all women should be valued equally.
Funding: 1) Send 3 – 6 Latinas to Western States Center CSTI trainings to gain grassroots organizing skills; 2) Develop the MUI mini-conference concept and take it to other parts of Idaho, including the Twin Falls and Pocatello areas; and 3) to continue our organizational memberships in area organizations.

Snake River Latino Parent Community – $2,500

Mission: Create a muti-cultural environment where Latino students thrive academically and where Latino parents have a voice and are actively involved as partners in their children’s education.
Funding: Provide training for parents in the MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense Fund) that prepares them to be engaged as partners in their children’s education.

Your Family, Friends and Neighbors – $2,500

Mission: To promote respect and understanding for all people especially in regard to sexual orientation and gender identity.
Funding: This effort will use the momentum of the “Idaho Votes NO” campaign to build a statewide LGBT-focused database to support this work.