2009 Grantees

Boise Community Radio – $2,500

Mission: Serve as SW Idaho’s only locally programmed, non-commercial community-based radio station, bringing musical, cultural, entertainment and public affairs programming to the Treasure Valley.
Funding: Support production of 24 public service announcements that will help Idaho’s grassroots nonprofit organizations deliver their message about services or events on RadioBoise’s internet broadcast and beyond.

Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS) – $2,500

Mission: Use organic gardening as a way to engage students, teachers and community members in issues of ecology, local food economies, sustainability, nutrition, health and environmental literacy.
Funding: Partner with a local elementary school on an edible schoolyard project; pursue the long term vision of creating an urban farm-based education center in the Treasure Valley; and tap the wealth of expertise on farm-based sustainability education to obtain professional development that gives BUGS staff more expertise and resources.

Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN): General Support – $2,500

Mission: Provide a voice for Idahoans committed to progressive social change, empower disenfranchised people and develop new leadership in Idaho.
Funding: Create an Idaho Racial Justice Report Card in partnership with the Applied Research Center and in collaboration with IHREC, Idaho ACLU, IWN, and UVI. The report card will grade each legislator and the Governor on how they vote on bills that impact people of color in Idaho and give ICAN and their allies an effective organizing tool.

Idaho Equality – $2,500

Mission: Network individuals and organizations using grassroots power to ensure LGBTQ people are afforded dignity and respect; full equality and protection under the law by effectively communicating, breaking isolation and mobilizing voters in our community.
Funding: Work to amend the Idaho Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. To achieve this goal, work to build momentum by changing employment policies at the city level and work to include sexual orientation and gender identity in the EEOP’s of Pocatello, Sun Valley, and Ketchum.

Idaho Hispanic Caucus Research & Education: General Support – $2,500

Mission: Promote the social welfare of the Latino community through research and education about social justice issues that affect the social well-being of Idaho’s Latinos.
Funding: Use organizing and advocacy to increase public awareness and assure Latino representation in political appointments. Create an Idaho Office of Multi-Cultural Health to improve access and provide competency training and interpreters. Create a phone tree to inform those in communities without Internet about issues and events.

Idaho Rural Council: General Support – $2,500

Mission: Preserve the economic well-being of Idaho’s family farms and rural communities; build a more sustainable society to secure positive economic and social choices for present and future generations; and achieve good stewardship of humanity, land, air, and water.
Funding: Fund community organizing by IRC’s grassroots members in rural areas to stop new CAFO construction, stop existing CAFOs from expanding, and hold existing CAFO owners accountable for the damage they do to the quality of life, air, and water where they operate.

Idaho Women’s Network: General Support – $2,500

Mission: Use community organizing, advocacy & education to unite the voices of Idaho women, families, and communities to strengthen democracy and promote human rights.
Funding: Continue human rights work focusing on reproductive justice and LGBTQ equality. To achieve this, they will use grassroots organizing, education, public forums, leadership development and advocacy to work for improved conditions for all Idahoans.

Interfaith Alliance of Idaho (TIA): General Support – $2,500

Mission: Offer a mainstream, faith-based agenda committed to the pursuit of individual dignity and the importance of community; and promote the positive, healing role of religion in public life through fostering civic participation, facilitating inclusive community activism, and challenging religious political extremism.
Funding: Expand Democracy Circle: Building Beloved Community, a grassroots organizing program to increase membership in TIA and build a broader base of informed, civically active, people of faith and good will statewide.

Mujeres Unidas de Idaho: General Support – $2,500

Mission: Bring Idaho Latinas together to examine and take action on issues affecting their communities; develop new Latina leaders and ensure that each new leader takes an active role in society; and value the power of every woman.
Funding: Provide CSTI training for 3 “new” Latinas; become a member of 2 new social change organizations and maintain UVI and IWN memberships; make the MUI Annual Conference a key event for Latinas by improving the variety and quality of workshops, guest speakers, and sponsors, and including the Mujer del Año event as a fundraiser; and strengthening relationships with other community based organizations.

NAMI Far North – $2,500

Mission: Use advocacy, research, support and education to improve the quality of life of seriously mentally ill persons and their families. Raise awareness of the connection between mental illness and homelessness, discrimination, victimization and the stigma experienced by the mentally ill. Protect their human rights while advocating for effective treatment; thereby empowering them to become productive citizens.
Funding: Support a community-wide awareness and fundraising project to increase membership and sustainability to enable NAMI Far North to lead community collaborative efforts for a more just and equitable treatment and housing for the mentally ill in Idaho.

United Vision for Idaho: General Support – $2,500

Mission: Transform Idaho’s political landscape by promoting public policies that allow every person to live with the dignity and security in a healthy environment.
Funding: Revision UVI through clarification and consensus between member groups and allies on what UVI should look like; stabilizing funding so UVI can stay productive for the next decade; and mapping strengths/weaknesses of each part of Idaho county by county to insure UVI’s program work represents the full state.

VP Foundation – Yin Radio – $2,500

Mission: Instill respect for traditionally feminine qualities and values, empower people, especially girls and women, and their communities; and take successful actions to help them achieve success financially, politically, emotionally and spiritually.
Funding: Fund production of stories that empower and validate the storyteller/expert and give her a voice in the media, which will in turn send a message to help empower/validate listeners so they will share their stories.