Grantee: Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS (a.l.p.h.a.)

Duane Quintana, a.l.p.h.a., Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV & AIDS, Fund for Idaho Executive Director, Duane Quintana & Program Coordinator Wava Weikel.

Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV & AIDS began as a tiny nonprofit offering education and support to those infected with and affected by HIV & AIDS. In its nine years, a.l.p.h.a. has evolved into a community based organization – still small – but extending throughout Southern Idaho, providing its services and support to anyone. Our services and capabilities have grown beyond its original dream, but the vision remains the same. A.l.p.h.a. is here to serve the community, and it is through the support of the same community that this has been possible.

Today a.l.p.h.a. provides HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia testing five or more days a week with sites throughout the Treasure Valley and beyond. We offer education, supportive services, and referrals. Most importantly, we provide a safe environment for our clients, guests and volunteers. We host a food pantry with the Idaho Food Bank and oversee Boise Out Loud MPowerment, a national project for young gay and bisexual men that reduces HIV risk by building a healthier and stronger LGBTQ community.

Boise State University, Ada County Juvenile Detentions, and Easter Seals are just a few of a.l.p.h.a.’s sites where HIV testing and education are offered. Supportive services have expanded since the opening of the thrift store Exposure a.l.p.h.a. Interchange in 2011, helping those infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS attain basic needs. Last winter we had the honor of helping an HIV+ individual with two children transition from a shelter into permanent housing, gathering household items for the new home.

Hundreds of individuals received a.l.p.h.a.’s services in the few months after receiving the grant from Fund for Idaho last winter, and thousands more will benefit by the end of the year. By assisting with basic operational expenses, Fund for Idaho’s financial support has extended into everything we do for this community.

All of a.l.p.h.a.’s services are provided at no charge, but none of it would be possible without the financial support of the community. The grant provided by Fund for Idaho has been invaluable in helping us continue to offer our services, and the timing of the grant was impeccable. The depth of our gratitude is impossible to express.

2011 Grantee: $2,500

a.l.p.h.a, Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV & AIDS, Fund for Idaho

a.l.p.h.a is a safe and welcoming place to go for HIV and AIDS education, testing, or support in Idaho. Our mission is Educate, Test, Support, Volunteer, Donate. We are committed to preventing the transmission of HIV and AIDS. We accomplish this through education, public awareness, testing, and providing supportive services to infected and affected individuals.

1009 W. Bannock St.
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 424-7799
Email: [email protected]