Grantee: Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN)

Idaho Community Action Network, Fund for Idaho Main Street Alliance Project Coordinator, Heather Smith.

Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN) was founded in January 1999 through a merger of Idaho Citizens’ Network (a grassroots group voicing concerns of low-income families) and Idaho Hunger Action Council (a group advocating for low-income families and running a statewide food program).

ICAN is a member based non-profit organization. With over 2,000 members state-wide, our purpose is to educate and advocate on issues of social, racial, and economic justice and to eliminate poverty in Idaho. Our members speak with a united voice on issues that directly impact their lives. ICAN encourages members to become effective leaders in their local communities through trainings and education.

The Fund for Idaho is helping Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN) mobilize members and take action!

Idaho Community Action Network, ICAN, Fund for Idaho

(left) Immigration Training, (right) Medicaid Roundtable

Idaho Community Action, ICAN, Fund for Idaho

ICAN Stands up to Predatory Lenders

2011 Grantee: $2,500

Idaho Community Action Network, Fund for Idaho

Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN) provides a voice for Idahoans committed to progressive social change and to develop the power necessary to create those changes. ICAN is dedicated to the following principles:

    • Empowerment of disenfranchised people and development of new leadership. We recognize that empowerment may mean different things to each of us. However, we share a commitment to developing community, acquiring and using skills, reinforcing active involvement, developing a common sense of responsibility and taking action for change.
    • Everyone is welcome to participate – we are steadfastly dedicated to diversity.
    • A stable, membership-driven funding base.
    • The democratic process within and outside the organization.
    • Non-violent action in the spirit of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. These activities may include direct action, rallies, lobbying, public education research, street theater or community meetings.

3450 Hill Rd
Boise, ID 83703
Phone: (208) 385-9146 or (866) 385-9146
Email: [email protected]