Grantee: The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho

Pam Baldwin, Interfaith Alliance of Idaho, Fund for Idaho Executive Director, Pam Baldwin.

“There are many reasons why the Fund For Idaho is so important to our state and our non-profit family here, but FFI is truly a godsend for The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho.

We launched our “Democracy Action Circles” with help from FFI. Using popular and political education, Democracy Action Circles (DAC) help TIA Idaho members begin to understand their own world views and those of others, learn how to voice their own progressive values in a human rights and democracy framework, and learn to analyze media and message frames that are not consistent with their values.

Our DACs are increasing membership in TIA and strengthening civic participation and the social justice resolve of mainline faiths in Emmett and Nampa. Funding from FFI has leveraged funding from other foundations and other Idaho donors. It is a place to showcase the work we have done. We celebrate the existence of the Fund For Idaho.”

2011 Grantee: $2,500

Fund for Idaho, Interfaith Alliance of Idaho

The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho is a 501 [c] [3] non-partisan advocacy organization. Founded in 1998 in Idaho to challenge the radical religious right, TIA Idaho remains committed to promoting the positive and healing role of religion in public life by encouraging civic participation, facilitating community activism, and challenging religious political extremism.

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