Grantee: Mujeres Unidas de Idaho

Mujeres Unidas de Idaho, Fund for IdahoMercedes Munoz, Marilu Moreno, and Graciela Fonseca, Latina Leaders

Fund for Idaho has allowed Mujeres Unidas de Idaho to train and empower more and more women as organizers and to continue our annual conference for Latinas. Their support allows us to explore the needs of Latinas not just from Boise, but also from Twin Falls, Wilder, and other smaller communities, so we can be sure that our future workshops will meet those needs. Without Fund for Idaho, it would be difficult for our small all-volunteer organization to exist. Their support keeps us afloat as we go from activity to activity. The value of a local funding source that values our work is immense.

Mujeres Unidas de Idaho, Fund for IdahoMujeres Unidas de Idaho’s vision is that every woman is equally valued, that she is participating in the areas of society of her choice and she has full access to fulfill her personal and professional dreams. !Si podemos!

Our mission brings Latinas in Idaho together to examine and to take action on issues affecting our communities. MUI develops new Latina leaders in our communities so each new leader takes an active role in society. MUI values the power of every woman and believes all women should be valued equally.

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