About Us

Fund for Idaho…

is a community-supported non-profit grantmaking organization started by activists who knew first hand that Idaho need its own base of support for grassroots social change work.

Fund for Idaho’s purpose…

is to increase grant funding and other philanthropic resources available in Idaho to provide people, including those in need, with the means to solve their own problems, change unfair social structures, and build vital communities.

Our work is based and guided by the following tenets:

    • Generosity is the virtue that produces peace.
    • We envision Idaho as a place where we are all valued, honored, and respected.
    • We are accountable to the communities we serve.
    • Inclusiveness and transparency are the hallmarks of our staff, our board, and our work.
    • Our processes foster the creation of respectful peer relationships between donors and those who benefit from philanthropy.
    • Creating and maintaing relationships with activist groups on the group is critical to the success of our organization.
    • It is our duty to raise awareness of social and environmental justice in Idaho.