Mujeres Unidas de Idaho


MUI Mujeres Unidas de Idaho (MUI) brings Idaho’s Latinas together to examine and to take action on issues impacting their communities.

Because each community faces different challenges, MUI establishes local chapters in communities that determine what issue(s) they want tackle. MUI runs a community forum to inform, educate and enlighten on targeted issues, with forums held in Twin Falls, Pocatello and Mountain Home.

MUI’s Idaho Latinas Organizing for Voter Empowerment project (I LOVE), educates and engages Latinas in the Idaho’s electoral process.

Registering to vote is of vital importance. We can not only vote but WE can have an impact on our local community. From school levees to district representatives, from sheriffs to mayors, WE can exercise our right to vote and make difference in our community.