2013: Krista Perry

Krista Perry 180xA native Idahoan, Krista graduated from Boise High in 2002. She moved to New Hampshire to attend Dartmouth College and play basketball. There she realized and accepted her sexuality and became active in the LGBTQ community.

During her 4 years as a varsity athlete, LGBT issues in sport were her top focus. In 2007, she moved back to Idaho to move in with her partner, now wife, and works to help create change in her home state. The Idaho Safe Schools Coalition is the extension of her passion for creating space spaces for LGBT youth. At each of the numerous events and trainings, Krista delivers a powerful, motivating message to those attending. Her dedication to making sure that Idaho’s students and teachers know they can belong and safely be their authentic, true selves, shines through in everything she does. Krista has a genuine desire to help, and does so selflessly time and time again. She consistently inspires those around her, who are honored to work with her, and grateful that Idaho has such a determined, inspiring advocate working to make a better future for us all.