Donor: Christopher Hormel

Fund for Idaho, Christopher HormelFund for Idaho is the only Idaho-based 501(C)(3) public foundation focused on serving grassroots Idaho groups working for tolerance, justice and environmental and economic sustainability.

We are all in this together. Life is not sustainable in a world divided between haves and have-nots, a place where the haves must defend their lion’s share of resources ever more aggressively, and the have-nots lose hope for the future. The principles of compassion, mutual respect and justice must be part of any effort to make our world a better place.

Donors to Fund for Idaho empower those most affected by the injustice and inequity in our society by encouraging them to make their voices heard. The power of our grants, now totaling over $120,000, is being felt, little by little, in many Idaho communities, as people use these resources to organize, counter the forces of intolerance and build a more civil and just society.

Fund for Idaho walks its talk. Social change activists help run this foundation and sit on the grantmaking committee that decides where donors’ gifts should be applied.

This is a radical departure from traditional, more “comfortable” philanthropy, where money is given but power is not.

Fund for Idaho is committed to being here for the long haul. By supporting Fund for Idaho, I become part of a family of like-minded people who support REAL democracy and believe that a just and civil society IS possible.