Donors: Doug & Anne Christensen

Fund for Idaho, Doug Christensen, Ann ChristensenMoney and facts alone do not change the world. Only when they are set in motion by love do they make a lasting difference. Together Doug and Ann Christensen have put their hearts, resources and efforts into making our state and the world a better place.

Doug and Ann also promote philanthropy as a family value, teaching their daughters to be active, engaged citizens who are making the world a better, more sustainable place. Eloise and Aimee Christensen are living testament to their parents’ lifetime commitment to social justice and environmental protection, and many community activists have benefited from their nurturing.

Doug and Ann have invested their time and resources in so many organizations throughout their lives. Fund for Idaho celebrates the Christensens as living examples of excellence in philanthropy. It is their spirit, attitude, and love that sets them apart.

All of us at Fund for Idaho will miss our good friend Doug who passed away this spring (2012). Although he will be deeply missed, his memory will live on in the great work our grantees have and continue to do through Doug’s generosity and commitment to support lasting change in Idaho.

Thank you Doug! Our heartfelt condolences go out to Ann, the entire Christensen family and all of those who loved him.