2009: Scott & Mary Lou Reed

Nelle Tobias Award, Fund for Idaho, Scott Reed, Mary Lou ReedThe Margaret W. Reed Foundation, directed by Scott and Mary Lou Reed, has supported progressive environmental and social justice work in Idaho for many years. The Reeds’ philanthropic interests have paralleled their activism.

As an attorney in private practice, Scott is known for forging the public interest doctrine in environmental law and for his service on local, state, regional and national boards including the Coeur d’Alene Planning & Zoning Commission, Idaho Water Resources Board, Idaho Nature Conservancy, Western Environmental Law Center and National Audubon Society. He wrote “The Treasure Called Tubbs Hill” in 2008 to honor Art Manley and the work of citizen activists everywhere.
Mary Lou served six terms in the Idaho State Senate, where she authored the Clean Lakes Act and Civil Remedies for Malicious Harassment Act. She helped found the Kootenai Environmental Alliance and Idaho Conservation League, was board chair of the Northern Rockies Action Group and served on the National Board of NARAL. Among her current affiliations are the Human Rights Education Institute, Gonzaga Institute for Action Against Hate and the Idaho Nonprofit Center policy advisory committee.

The Reeds have two children and four grandchildren. They make their home in Coeur d’Alene.