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Mission Statement

Founded by Maria E. Andrade, the principal attorney of Andrade Legal, Immigration Law, IJI fills a colossal gap in Idaho’s immigration legal services available to low income Idahoans: free and low cost deportation defense.


Objectives 2020

Create and disseminate information to the farmworker and non-citizen communities across Idaho through direct outreach and by providing a toolkit for our partners. Collaborate with allied groups to create shareable video content and disseminate it. Provide free and low-cost consultations to DACA recipients and  convene “meetings” of DACA recipients for mutual support. Create a way for individuals to view a “Charla” presentation and carry out “In-Person” appointments while keeping our workplace safe by adapting our ample outdoor space.

Objectives 2018

Conduct fundraising efforts to enable Immigrant Justice Idaho to secure the training needed for non-attorney representatives and initiate a calendar of educational programming, immediate referral services, and low-cost consultations for immigrants.