Fund For Idaho Values

What Do We Do?

In response to this time of social and political unrest, Fund for Idaho created the Persistence Fund to support groups coming together to push back the rising tide of intolerance and divisiveness in Idaho. Your donations provide crucial dollars to match funds raised by local grassroots efforts pushing back against the rising tide of hate and discrimination in our state.  The Persistence Fund supports efforts that minimize the harm to the most vulnerable Idahoans – efforts by groups that share our values and are putting them into action.

The first matching grant cycle of the Persistence Fund is starting. Grant application will be available on our website by July 1, 2018, and applications will be due August 31st. These grants will provide a dollar for dollar match (up to $7500.00) for funds raised by to groups who receive awards. Grants will be awarded in November 2018.

These grants will help give Idahoans most threatened by policy changes targeting the most vulnerable a chance to push back against unfair policies and build vital, healthy communities. The primary issues the Persistence Fund is focusing on include: immigrant rights; disability and health care rights; racial justice; and environmental degradation. Your donations will support groups that are too small, too new, or too controversial to attract other grants.

Other Resources

We are also creating a media resource library that includes video cameras that groups can check out and use to tell their stories, document events, and show how issues impact their lives. We have a volunteer trainer available to teach designated people from groups how to effectively use the equipment. Please contact us for more information.

How Our Grantmaking Reflects our Values

Grant decisions are made by an inclusive, diverse committee of social change activists from a wide range of issue areas (health care & disability rights, gender equity, racial & ethnic equality, and environmental integrity) AND donors so we can be sure we tap into the wisdom and experience of both the donors and those actually doing on-the-ground activism. As equal partners, they decide how to strategically allocate grant funds to assure they will have the most impact.

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