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Mission Statement

Silver Valley Community Resource Center – Clear Corps Idaho is a nonprofit grassroots group. We have been in existence since 1986. We work closely with churches, unions, social service agencies, elderly and low-income. We work with local, regional and national groups with similar interests.


Objectives 2020

Increase computer technology for on online meetings; Keep in touch with membership through hard copy mailings; Support the Get the Lead Out van, in order to continue and reinforce our work; Conduct Membership/Leadership outreach and training; Update SVCRC brochure; Complete our “Epicenter” video, Meet with Gov. Little as a group to educate on data and solutions he is unfamiliar with; Continue the grassroots movement to shut down dangerous illegal, toxic waste dumps in the nation’s largest Superfund site; Acquire settlement funds for reparation of generations who are living with chronic lead health conditions and exposure.

Objectives 2019

General support, including: Increase services related to board member leadership development and training; and staff and office space. Continue creating proactive lead health intervention with the Children Run Better Unleaded project to assure authorities are abiding by mandated Medicaid lead testing laws. Maintain a strong network coalition of environmental, church groups, medical and affected citizens, including Coeur d’Alene and Spokane tribes seeking environmental and human health justice.