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Mission Statement

Snake River Alliance works to protect Idaho’s people, environment, and economy from the adverse impacts of nuclear activities, while promoting a clean, renewable energy future for all Idahoans. We embrace an energy future that addresses climate change in a clean, cost effective, and equitable manner, leaving future generations free of the nuclear waste burden.


Objectives 2020

Conduct the grassroots campaign, Stop the Dirty Dozen, to prevent NuScale Power from building a massive nuclear power plant above the Snake River Aquifer. Components of the Stop the Dirty Dozen campaign include: Campaign Website and Educational Efforts; Video Advocacy; Contribute a Documentary; Conduct Outreach Educational Efforts; Engage in Regulatory Engagement; Participate in a national Nuclear Waste Coalition.

Objectives 2019

Implement the campaign, “Stop Nuclear Power Starting in Idaho” to mobilize Idahoans to resist new nuclear projects at INL in order to protect Idaho’s people and natural resources. Advocate through education, collaboration, and grassroots organizing.

Objectives 2018

The Sustainable Communities Project will highlight three objectives central to the Alliance’s work to: mobilize Idahoans in support of solar, wind, and sustainable energy; protect water resources; and start a long-term youth leadership development program.