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Mission Statement

United Vision for Idaho (UVI) is a multi-issue, progressive network committed to advancing our shared priorities to create real improvements in people's lives. Since 1997, UVI has been working to unify our communities through shared interests and collective action. Our mission is to build a strong and powerful people-driven movement that leaves no one out, spanning rural, suburban, and urban areas all across the country. We understand that single-issue efforts can only do so much when it comes to providing lasting and structural gains. That's why UVI is dedicated to supporting long-term investments that can create a broader social justice movement where rural places like Idaho play a critical role to truly transform our country to fulfill the promise of a democratic future for ours and future generations. We are dedicated to creating a strong foundation and providing the space for people to work together for our collective interests and empower each other to build the future that we all deserve.


Objectives 2009

Transform Idaho’s political landscape by promoting public policies that allow every person to live with the dignity and security in a healthy environment. Re-vision UVI through clarification and consensus between member groups and allies on what UVI should look like; stabilizing funding so UVI can stay productive for the next decade; and mapping strengths/weaknesses of each part of Idaho county by county to insure UVI’s program work represents the full state.