Fund For Idaho Values

What Do We Do?

Fund for Idaho directs crucial dollars to local grassroots efforts for human rights and environmental integrity. Since the 2016 election, we have prioritized supporting groups that are resisting the rising tide of hate and discrimination in our state. We are creating the Persistence Fund to focus on these efforts.  We want to minimize the harm that is being done to the most vulnerable Idahoans. We want to support groups that have come together that share our values and are putting them into action.

We are putting together a media resource library that will include several video cameras that groups can use to tell their stories, document events, and show how issues impact their lives. We have a volunteer trainer available to teach designated people from groups how to effectively use the equipment.

The Persistence Fund will be making matching grants in mid 2018. These grants will provide a $1 match for every $2 raised by the groups who receive awards. They will give marginalized Idahoans the means to solve their own problems, change unfair policies, and build vital, healthy communities. Some of the issues we address are: human rights for all; racial justice; fair treatment of immigrants; empowering women and minorities; justice for those with mental illness and disabilities; women’s health care access; environmental education; stopping factory farms; renewable energy; and preventing environmental degradation. Join us in supporting groups that are too small, too new, or too controversial to attract other support.


How Our Grantmaking Reflects our Values

Unlike most foundations, Fund for Idaho’s grant making process relies on the wisdom and experience of both the donor community AND those engaged in the on-the-ground work to direct our grants to organizations addressing root causes of problems. By bringing social change activists (those actively working on gender equity, racial & ethnic equality and environmental protection) together as equal partners with donors to decide how we will allocate our grant funds, we assure that the grants made will be the most strategic and that our funds will have the most impact.

Easy Ways to Support The Fund!

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